Just Exactly Who Is Behind GlassReImagined.com?

Hey everyone, my name is Jane and I am the owner/creator of GlassReImagined.com.

I am originally from the midwest but I have lived in sunny Florida now for over 13 years.

I have always enjoyed doing all types of crafts for a better part of my life. But several years ago, I stumbled upon alcohol inks. This is what truly got me obsessed with glass.

I started playing around with the alcohol inks and garage sale glass items. I would pick up nice vases and bottles and jars on garage sales for little of nothing, and turn them into beautiful pieces of what I call “glass art”!

I ran into problems along the way such as keeping the new finish on the glass pieces, which prevented me from selling them. I finally found a product that corrected this and well, here I am. Now I can make my pieces available for sale in good conscience knowing their finish will be durable and provide the buyer with many years of enjoyment!

Recently, I became interested in another hobby. Stained glass. Here we go again. I had never created so much as a sun catcher to this would be quite the journey. I checked into a few classes in my area but none of them would work with my schedule for the full time job that I hold. Sigh.

So off I went to the wonderful world of the internet, and began watching videos. And more videos, and more videos. I think I watched videos until my eyeballs were ready to fall out! ha. But I watched and I learned.

I found a somewhat local stained glass store in my area and went to check it out. After talking to the sales clerk for a while and getting as much information as I could, she pointed me to a tool box sitting on the floor with a sign on it. It was for sale, on consignment. For $300 I could have it all. It contained enough of everything except the actual glass, to get me started. Hand tools, copper foil, solder, a soldering gun, a grinder, cutters, brushes, etc.

The only thing I had to purchase was the glass I wanted and some flux.

Off I went and after a couple of minor failures, I created a stained glass panel that was suitable to put up for sale. Yay!

I continue to teach myself along the way and have since purchased some software to speed things up. I now create my own designs using GlassEye 2000. I also have added a Cricut to my tool belt. I use this to create my pattern pieces on vinyl so that I can reuse them any time I choose.

So the journey isn’t over, in fact it has just begun. I would love to have you come along for the ride!

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